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Rising Legends: The Alkhdour Brothers Dominance in Qatar’s FIFA Esports

November 15, 2023

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Alkhdour FC crowning ceremony at AAmeghssib's back2back

In the dynamic world of esports, Alkhdour FC has emerged as a powerhouse, dominating FIFA tournaments in Qatar.

This esports team, led by the talented brothers Mohammed and Omar Alkhdour, has been making waves with their impressive performances in both solo and duo competitions. One of their most nota


ble achievements includes clinching the first-place title at Red Bull’s AAmeshassib back-to-back FIFA

 esports tournament, showcasing their exceptional skills and teamwork.

The Brothers: Mohammed (“Mrykh”) and Omar Alkhdour:

The driving force behind Alkhdour FC is the duo of Mohammed and Omar Alkhdour. Widely known as “Mrykh,” Mohammed has been a standout player in the FIFA esports community. His strategic prowess and skillful gameplay have earned him numerous accolades, including a first-place finish in Qatar’s Olympic Committee E-games tournament for FIFA 23. Mrykh’s dedication and competitive spirit have also led to victory in Virtoucity’s FIFA esports tournament, solidifying his status as one of Qatar’s premier FIFA players.

Training Regimen and Support System:

Mrykh’s success isn’t just a result of natural talent; it’s a product of disciplined training. He dedicates two hours each day to honing his skills under the supervision of his esports coach. In a testament to the crucial role his brother plays in his journey, Mrykh states, “My brother Omar is my main support and backbone. I consider him my esports coach, and he’s the main reason how I won the recent Qatar Olympic Committee E-Games tournament.”

Omar Alkhdour, not only a formidable pro FIFA player himself but also an esports coach with QUEST, contributes to the team’s success with his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Physical Fitness and Mental Well-being:

Mrykh recognizes the importance of physical fitness and mental well-being in esports. To complement his virtual training, he engages in daily physical activities, whether it’s hitting the gym or enjoying a game of football with friends. This holistic approach ensures that Mrykh is not only at the top of his game skill-wise but also maintains peak physical and mental condition for tournaments.

My advice to all players is to maintain a healthy physical and mental routine,” Mrykh emphasizes. “I lost many matches because of a lack of sleep, which led to me losing my concentration. It’s crucial to be in the best shape physically and mentally to perform at your peak in every match.”


Mrykh won 1st at the Qatar Olympic committee FIFA tournament 2023

Mrykh’s achievements further solidify his standing in the esports community:

  • 1st Place at Gamerstation FIFA Tournament 23: Mrykh’s skills were on full display as he claimed the top spot in the highly competitive Gamerstation FIFA Tournament 23.
  • 1st Place Twice in a Row in Ooredoo Nations FIFA Tournaments: Mrykh’s consistent excellence shines through with back-to-back first-place finishes in the Ooredoo Nations FIFA Tournaments, a testament to his skill and strategic prowess.
  • Champion of Virtoucity FIFA 23 Esports Tournament: Mrykh’s triumph in the Virtoucity FIFA 23 Esports Tournament further establishes him as a dominant force in the Qatar esports scene.
  • Top 4 in Playhera Contender: Mrykh’s competitive spirit and skill were evident as he secured a top-four finish in the fiercely contested Playhera Contender, showcasing his ability to compete at the highest levels.

Omar Alkhdour’s Achievements:

  • Top 2 in Morceii Middle East Pro FIFA 23 Esports Tournament: Omar’s prowess extends beyond local competitions, as he secured a top-two finish in the Morceii Middle East Pro FIFA 23 Esports Tournament.
  • Top 2 in Ooredoo Nations FIFA 23 Tournaments Three Times: Omar’s consistency in the Ooredoo Nations FIFA 23 Tournaments is remarkable, achieving a top-two finish on three separate occasions.
  • Top 4 in Playhera Saudi Pro FIFA Tournament: Omar’s competitive edge was evident in the Playhera Saudi Pro FIFA Tournament, where he claimed a top-four spot in the fiercely contested competition.

Team Success at Red Bull’s AAmeshassib Back-to-Back Tournament:

Alkhdour FC’s crowning achievement came at Red Bull’s AAmeshassib back-to-back FIFA esports tournament, where the brothers showcased their exceptional talents. The tournament, known for attracting top-tier players, saw Alkhdour FC emerge victorious in both the solo and duo categories. Their back-to-back triumphs not only demonstrated individual skill but also highlighted the synergistic teamwork that sets Alkhdour FC apart.

Alkhdour FC showed amazing skills at the tournament

Local Triumphs in Qatar:

Beyond their success at international tournaments, Alkhdour FC has consistently dominated the local esports scene in Qatar. The brothers have claimed victory in various local tournaments, further establishing their reputation as formidable competitors. Their consistent presence at the top of leaderboards underscores their commitment to excellence and their dedication to elevating the esports community in Qatar.

As Qatar’s gaming community thrives, Alkhdour FC stands as a shining example of what determination, support from family, and a holistic approach to training can achieve in the exciting realm of competitive gaming. Mrykh’s journey reflects not only individual triumphs but the collective spirit propelling Qatar’s esports to new heights.

It’s noteworthy that Red Bull’s AAmeshassib back-to-back 2023 and 2022 editions were organized with technical expertise and guidance from Showdown.me, which played a pivotal role in the success of the event. Showdown.me’s commitment to developing gaming communities in Qatar is evident. With a pledge to continue supporting local talents like Myrkh and his brother, Showdown.me aims to provide more platforms and tournaments for emerging players to showcase their skills and reach new heights in the ever-evolving world of esports. As Qatar’s gaming community thrives, Alkhdour FC stands as a shining example of what determination and support from organizations like Showdown.me can achieve in the exciting realm of competitive gaming.