Account Creation

Showdown is open to all users above the age of 16. If you are below that age, please contact us on hello@projectinfinite.net

When users create an account, they can use the basic functions of Showdown, like following their favourite players and checking their social feed. However, if a user would like to join a tournament, they will need to verify their account through their email.

Tournaments & Matches

Joining tournaments means interacting with fellow gamers and organizers. It’s important that users are verified in order for Showdown to be transparent and safe.

Tournaments on Showdown have a maximum amount of players that are allowed to join. When you join a tournament and are placed on the waiting list, this means the tournament has reached its full capacity, and will let you in once a participant forfeits, or if the tournament organizer decides to expand the tournament’s capacity.

An email is sent to the user once they have been confirmed as a participant. Please check your inbox and in some cases, your spam folder.

In the “Match” button that can be found on the navigation bar on the left, you will be able to see your upcoming matches date and time

Every match lobby has a score reporting tool and a chat box. You can report your score by applying the score you and either clicking on the “Win” or “Loss” button.

When a dispute happens, the players are requested to submit proof if they claim that they have won the match. The evidence can be a screenshot of the game showing that the player has won. Files can be uploaded in the match lobby. If the dispute persists, players can summon an admin to the chat room.

Digital safety is Showdown’s top priority, and therefore Showdown shall lay the hammer of justice on top of bullies and abusers!

We are very strict against any type of abuse, racism, cyber bullying and intimidation. Please summon an admin to the chat room or email us directly at hello@projectinfinite.net to report any kind of mistreatment and abuse.

The brackets can be seen in the “Bracket” tab of the tournament’s page. Brackets will be populated once the tournament has started. Sometimes it might take our servers a minute or less to update the brackets with the tournament’s match scores.

Gamer Profiles

Partnerships and Sponsors

We are always seeking ways to expand and empower esports in Qatar and the region, if your organization has ideas and would like to work with Showdown, please feel free to contact us at hello@projectinfinite.net

Yes. Showdown’s parent company – Project Infinite – has the capabilities to develop, organize and manage esports tournaments from A to Z.

If you or your organization would like to support and engage the esports and gaming community through organizing esports tournaments, please contact us at hello@projectinfinite.net – our dedicated team of specialists would be glad to meet you over a cup of coffee and discuss ideas.

Absolutely. We have numerous partners and sponsors from different fields of business who are interested in engaging and supporting gamers and esports in Qatar. Please email us via hello@projectinfinite.net

Gaming and esports are one of the most engaged entertainment and sports fields in the world. Community members are usually young, passionate, and dedicated. It is estimated that the number of esports fans and viewers around the world to be 500 million.