RiyadhSmashers 137 - Singles

RiyadhSmashers 137 - Singles

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo Switch
  • playersPlayers: 32
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar24, May 2024 - 24, May 2024
  • pinOffline
19, May 2024 - 24, May 2024
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This is the Bi-Weekly tournament in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia ,, Organized by RiyadhSmashers and Hosted by Esport tent


  • 200 SR

  • 150 SR

  • 100 SR

  • 50 SR


Special Rules

(Phantom MLG) PMLG & MLG

PMLG and MLG are BANNED . PMLG is a hit stun cancel performed strictly for non-tumble hit stun which can be set up by a Block Place whether successful, interrupted, or failed, as well as phantom block.

Review and Penalties for PMLG & MLG

For verifying this clause, a replay of the match will need to be saved. If performed and you would like to call an organizer for review, the match must end immediately after the action is performed to save the replay. Continuing the match will forfeit the option to call the play for review. Ending the game means losing your stocks in order to save the reply and not quiting through the pause function which will not allow saving the replay. 

  • For players who perform PMLG or MLG illegally:
    In the event it’s proven that there an illegal play, A "SET"loss will be issued to the player who performed the illegal play.
  • For players who call for penalization:
    In the event it’s proven that there wasn’t an illegal play, A "SET" loss will be issued to the player who called the game into review
It is up for the TOs on harsher penalties if needed as they see fit in tournament conditions (Repeated non sportsmanship behaviour will not be taken lightly)
More Details on PMLG
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