Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - For Palestine Charity Tournament

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - For Palestine Charity Tournament

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Nintendo Switch
  • playersPlayers: 32
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar25, May 2024 - 25, May 2024
  • pinOffline
08, May 2024 - 25, May 2024
18 / 32 Registration Opened

In a world where borders blur and connections transcend geographical boundaries, gamers stand united as a force for good. Through our passion for gaming, we have the power to make a tangible impact on the lives of others, fostering hope and solidarity in the face of adversity. Let's show the world that gamers care, and together, we can build a brighter future for Palestine.

Join us for the Pokemon SV Charity Esports Tournament and be a part of something truly extraordinary. Together, let's game for good and make a difference that lasts a lifetime. #ForPalestine


Tournament Rules are subject to change based on Tournament Situation

For questions, concerns, or to edit your registration, reach out to us on our email ( or DM our instagram page

  • All players are required to bring their own switch
  • The format will be VGC 2024 Regulation G (Click Link for more information)
  • Bracket Format: Swiss
  • Battle format: Open Sheet ⁠
  • No pokemon can be used twice in one team ⁠
  • No item duplication
  • Time of each round is 40 minutes
  • All teams needs to be checked for validity by Tournament Organizer before the tournament starts
  • All Players must be on time
  • Players who are called and are over 5 minutes late will be disqualified from the tournament.