QELS Valorant Clash #1

QELS Valorant Clash #1


  • playersPlayers: 16
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar01, March 2024 - 02, March 2024
  • pinOnline
26, February 2024 - 29, February 2024
4 / 16 Registration Closed

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored  by Riot or its licensors

Registration Fee: 100 QAR Per Team to be paid online

Payment link will be sent prior to start of Tournament

Embark on a tactical journey into the heart of competitive gaming with the Valorant League, a high-octane esports experience endorsed by the prestigious Qatar Esports Federation and a flagship feature of the Qatar Esports League Series. As the gaming world converges on Valorant, this offline league sets the stage for intense strategic battles, bringing together the best players in the region for a showdown of precision and teamwork.

The Valorant League is more than a tournament; it's a showcase of skill, coordination, and the passion that defines the Valorant community. Backed by the Qatar Esports Federation, participants can expect a tournament that upholds the highest standards of integrity, fair play, and competitive excellence.

Join us in celebrating the convergence of technology and teamwork at the Valorant League, where the Qatar Esports Federation and Valorant League unite to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Be part of the excitement, witness the rise of champions, and embrace the spirit of competitive gaming in the heart of Qatar.


Online Qualifiers: 1st March

Offline Finals: 2nd March 2024

Participant Check-in: 4:00PM

Tournament starts - 5:00 PM

Registration Fee: 100 QAR Per Team

Location: Legion Gaming Lounge


  • 1500 QAR


  • 1000 QAR


  • 500 QAR



Rules are subject to change prior to start of tournament.

General Rules:

  1. The tournament will have a maximum number of 16 teams Each team must consist of 5 main players and 1 sub.
  2. The tournament will follow a single-elimination format.
  3. The Elimination and qualifiers round will be best of 1, and the Semi-finals will be best of 3 and finals will be best of 5.
  4. Teams are expected to attend their matches on time and be present 30 minutes prior. PUNCTUALITY IS A MUST.
  5. All participants must be respectful, any offensive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. The violation of any of the rule sets may result in disqualification from the tournament.
  7. There will be no subbing once a match has started.
  8. No account swapping; Certain account should be designated only to one person.
  9. No outside information or talking to non-team members during the match.
  10. If requested, individuals are required to cooperate with interviews, reporting, video shoots and other activities planned and organized by the organizers.
  11. Every participant acknowledges the right for the tournament administration to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments at any time without notice.


Game Rules:

  1. Lobby Settings and Map/Agent Selections

                        Agent Pool: All agents are allowed

                                Map Pool: Ascent, Breeze, Bind, Icebox, Lotus, Sunset, Split

                                Cheats: Off

                                Tournament Mode: On

                                Play Out All Rounds: Off

                                Overtime Mode: Win by 2 rounds (No draws allowed)

                                Server: Bahrain


  1. Map Veto Process

For matches with no predetermined seeding, Tournament Officials will do a coin flip to determine who gets to choose between Team A and Team B.  Team that wins the coin flip can decide if they want to be Team A or Team B.


·         Team A bans 1 map

·         Team B bans 1 map

·         Team A bans 1 map

·         Team B bans 1 map

·         Team A bans 1 map

·         Team B bans 1 map

·         Only remaining map is the one to be played

·         Team A picks side  


·         Team A bans 1 map

·         Team B bans 1 map

·         Team A picks map 1

·         Team B picks side for map 1

·         Team B picks map 2

·         Team A picks side for map 2

·         Team A bans 1 map

·         Team B bans 1 map

·         Team A picks side for map 3


·         Team A bans 1 map

·         Team B bans 1 map

·         Team A picks map 1

·         Team B picks side for map 1

·         Team B picks map 2

·         Team A picks side for map 2

·         Team A picks map 3

·         Team B picks side for map 3

·         Team B picks map 4

·         Team A picks side for map 4

·         Map 5 is only Map remaining

·         Team B picks side for map 5

  1. Hosting             

The Tournament Official will create the in-game lobby. All captains are expected to add the assigned Tournament Official in-game at least one day before the tournament to gain lobby access.

                • Only Tournament Officials, official broadcasters, anyone authorized by TO’s and the registered players of that particular match are allowed to be inside the lobby.

• Teams are not allowed to change their members once the team is ready in the lobby.




  1. Pauses and Crashes

Tactical Pauses (Tactical Timeouts)

Teams are allowed to call Timeouts of 1 minute in duration two times per map, and the Tactical Timeouts can only be used once on each half. In the event of overtime, each team will be granted an additional Timeout. To call for a tactical timeout, the team has to click on it in game under Settings.



Technical Pauses

If a player has a problem that prevents them from playing on, they must notify the tournament official and request a technical pause. The player has to announce the reason before or immediately after they paused the match. The pause must be done only during the buy phase. Each team has a maximum of 15 minutes of technical pause time per match.


• Pausing after the buy phase, REGARDLESS of the situation, will result in a forfeit.


If a match is interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the Players (e.g. server or player crash), the tournament official MAY restore the round using the in-game round restore feature, but in some scenarios may decide to replay the round or even a whole match. All decisions are at the discretion of the Tournament Officials.


• The in-game round restore feature will only be used for players who are unable to reconnect in Rounds 1 and 2. No remaking will be allowed from Round 3 onwards (case-to-case basis). If you need to talk to the Tournament Official in game, please use the /all or /party function.