QELS FC24 Clash #1 (Ultimate Team)

QELS FC24 Clash #1 (Ultimate Team)

EA FC 24

Playstation 5
  • playersPlayers: 32
  • FeeFee: $14
  • calendar23, February 2024 - 24, February 2024
  • pinOffline
19, February 2024 - 24, February 2024
30 / 32 Registration Closed

Welcome to the thrilling world of competitive gaming in the heart of Qatar! Introducing the EA FC League, a dynamic gaming experience endorsed by the prestigious Qatar Esports Federation as a key component of the Qatar Esports League Series. This groundbreaking league is set to redefine the esports landscape, providing a platform where passion meets precision, and skill meets strategy.

The EA FC League promises an unparalleled gaming atmosphere, combining the adrenaline-fueled excitement of competitive gaming with the camaraderie of a community that shares a common love for electronic sports. As part of the Qatar Esports League Series, this league is designed to elevate esports to new heights, showcasing the best talent and fostering a sense of sportsmanship among participants.

Players from diverse backgrounds and skill levels will converge to compete in the exhilarating world of EA FC, featuring popular titles from the Electronic Arts (EA) franchise. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a rising star, the league offers a level playing field where every move, every goal, and every victory matters.


This Tournament is for Ultimate Team only

Day 1 ONLINE QUALIFIERS: 23-Feb-24 @ 5PM to 11PM

Day 2 OFFLINE KNOCKOUTS: 24-Feb-24 @ 5PM to 11PM

Registration Fee: 50 QAR

Payment link will be sent to all players. All players must pay to participate.

Tournament Format:

Day 1 (ONLINE QUALIFIERS) - Group Stage

Day 2 (OFFLINE KNOCKOUT) - Top 8 Double Elimination Knockouts - Best of 3

8 Players will qualify from ONLINE QUALIFIERS Group Stage to Top 8 Knockout

Game Format

  • DAY 1 - ULTIMATE TEAM Online - Classic Match
  • DAY 2 - ULTIMATE TEAM Offline - Friendly Match

Day 1 - Online Tournament Procedure (23-Feb-24)

  1. All players will be added to Whatsapp Group
  2. All players must check-in online at 4PM
  3. All checked-in players will be added to groups
  4. 5PM: Tournament matches will start
  5. Admin will call matches on Whatsapp group. Admin will assign host and guest to join the match
  6. Once match is complete, players must take clear photo of the Score Screen and paste it to Whatsapp Group for admin Reporting
  7. Scores will be added based on group stage match points, and qualifying players will proceed to Knockout Stage

Day 2 - Offline Tournament Procedure (24-Feb-24)

  1. All qualifying players must go to Legion Gaming Lounge at 5PM
  2. Players will be ranked based on Group Stage performance
  3. Tournament Admin will call matches according to Tournament Bracket

- The following formations are POHIBITED:
o 5-2-2-1
o 5-2-3
o 5-4-1
o 5-1-2-2
o 5-2-1-2
o 5-3-2
o 3-5-2
o 3-4-1-2
o 3-4-2-1
o 3-1-4-2
o 3-4-3
- Tournament Organizer Decision is always final
- Depending on tournament situation, rules are subject to change