Geekdom 3000 - Tekken 8

Geekdom 3000 - Tekken 8

Tekken 8

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  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar20, February 2024 - 21, February 2024
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29, January 2024 - 21, February 2024
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This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Bandai Namco.

Participants must physically attend the tournanment in Doha, Qatar

Venue entrance fee is 20 QAR and will be paid in cash or card

Prepare to unleash the next generation of iron fists, and may the strongest player earn the respect of Doha's finest! Make no mistake—this ain't no Mishima misunderstanding, it is a clash of titans, where Tekken masters and rising stars will collide in a spectacle of epic proportions. Two days of adrenaline-pumping action, jaw-dropping combos, and electrifying moves await. Plus, we have a prize pool worthy of the Iron Fist! So, register now for the chance to claim your share of a legendary bounty.

استعد لإطلاق الجيل الجديد من القبضات الحديدية، وكن اللاعب الأقوى في الدوحة لكي تنتزع الفوز والاحترام. ستخوض نزاع العمالقة حيث سيصطدم خبراء تيكن مع اللاعبين الجدد في نزاع ملحمي لا يُنسى. ستستمتع بيومين من الأكشن الذي يحبس الأنفاس والمجموعات الجبارة والحركات التي ستلهب عشاق الحركة، وقد تفوز بالعديد من الجوائز القيّمة. لا تفوّت الفرصة لانتزاع النصر والمكافآت.

Tournament Dates & Time:


  • Day 1 - 20 - Feb-24 @ 5:00 PM
  • Day 2 - 21 - Feb-24 @ 5:00 PM

Tournament Location

      Lusail Boulevard, Geekdom, The Forgotten Planet: Gamers’ Arena


  • 7,000 QAR


  • 3,000 QAR


  • 1,500 QAR



Tournament Rules are subject to change based on Tournament Situation

For questions, concerns, or to edit your registration, reach out to us on our email ( or DM our instagram page

  • Bracket Format: Double Elimination
  • Players must win 3 rounds to win the Game
  • Players must win 2 out of 3 Games for Bracket Matches
  • Players msut win 3 out of 5 Games Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals, and Grand Finals
  • In the event of Double KO on Game Winning Round, no score will be reported and Game will be repeated
  • Players must agree which side to play (right/left) if no agreement is reached, they must decide using rock/paper/scissors
  • All players must immediately issues to Tournament Organizers (technical or otherwise), waiting till the end of the Game/Match to report an issue means the score will be valid regardless of issue.
  • Once a game begins, players must not pause the game unless there is an issue. If no technical issue issue is observed by the TO, the Round will be awarded to the opposing player.

  • Game settings will be default or recommended settings set by the Tournament Organizer
  • All players must use default outfit for all characters.
  • Azucena Outfit 4 is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in player disqualification
  • Special Style is allowed
  • Players must select a random stage for for the First Game
  • Winner of Previous Game must keep their Character
  • Loser of Previous Game may switch Stage and keep their previous character, or switch characters and select a random stage

Tournament will be played on PC

Players must bring their own controllers and cables.

All players must be on time.

Players will be called to their match for 5 minutes. If they do not report to TOs when their name is called, the present opposing player will be awarded the match.