QVC Weekly Tournaments Season 3 – Week 2

QVC Weekly Tournaments Season 3 – Week 2


  • playersPlayers: 16
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar31, January 2024 - 03, February 2024
  • pinOnline
24, January 2024 - 30, January 2024
12 / 16 Registration Closed

Welcome to QVC aka Qatar Valorant Community – Premium Organization dedicated to host Valorant events, scrims & tournaments. Powered by Gama Esports & DarkCube Esports

Our mission is to deliver world high class Valorant competition environment in Qatar.

We are back with Season 3 of QVC weekly tournament! 4 weeks full of intense moments of competition environment. You & your team are invited for the battle! Follow QVC social media for more details...

Details of Season 3

  • From 22.01.2024 till 19.2.2024
  • Compete and secure your rank to win the title of season 3 alongside with the prizes!
  • All details are in QVC Discord server. (

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Prize Pool = worth more than 6400 QAR Store974 - Epic gamers vouchers & Snoonu wallet to be given at the end of season 3

Need Help? Contact Us!

Qatar Community Discord Server (Click here!)

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Tournament Location:


Tournament General Rules & Eligibility

  1. All ranks are valid.
  2. Join QVC Discord Server. (Click here!)
  3. Team consists of 5 +1 players.
  4. Players must be Qatar residence and may be asked to verify they are residents of Qatar at any given time.
  5. Players must fully read & understand QVC Season 3 Rulebook. (Click here to download the rulebook!)


Tournament Format

Qualifiers Day 1 – Round 1 (Wednesday)

  • 16 teams will be distributed into two groups A & B
  • Each group will have 8 teams
  • Best of 1
  • All teams will play at the schedule shared by organizers
  • Winning teams advances to Quarter Finals - Round 2 (Which will be held on Wednesday)
  • Selected matches will be streamed from each group
Qualifiers Day 2 – Round 2 (Thursday)

Quarter Finals
  • 8 Teams
  • Best of 1
  • Selected matches will be streamed from each group
  • All teams will play at the schedule shared by organizers
  • Winning teams advances to Semi-Finals (same day match)

  • 4 Teams
  • Best of 1
  • Winner of Semi-Finals advances to Grand Finals
Finals Day 3 – Round 3 (Saturday LAN Setup)

3rd Place
  • 2 Teams lost from Semi-Finals
  • Best of 1

Grand Finals
  • 2 Teams
  • Best of 3

Winner will be considered our champion of the week

Stream Schedules

Day 1 | Qualifier:
  • 4 matches will be streamed randomly from each group
  • Non streamed matches will play all at the same time for both groups

Day 2 | Quarter-finals & Semi-finals:
  • 2 matches will be streamed randomly from each group
  • Non streamed matches will play all at the same time for both groups
  • Semi Finals matches will be streamed

Day 3 | 3rd Place & Grand Finals:
  • Championship & 3rd place match will be streamed
  • LAN event at Store974 – Geek street (The Gate Mall)
QVC Season 3 Stream's on YouTube (Click here!)

Download QVC Season 3 Rulebook (Click here!)

NOTE: Changes may happen, and players are expected to read and understand the rules and regulations (if there are any confusions, please approach an official admin for further concerns)

By registering in the event, it means that you have accepted all QVC rules & restrictions and have fully understood Season 3 rulebook

Additional Information:

Minor Rules

  • No Trash talking, Insulting, Harassing, and more
  • 2 Timeouts with 1 min for each team
  • Pause is needed only for technical/network issues
  • Team captains should take a screenshot of the results after their match and post it on the discord channel for proof.
  • Join QVC Discord server, Players during the match should be able to join the server 10-30 mins before the match

Major Rules

  • No Cheating or using a different person on the same registered account
  • No outsource information during the match or stream sniping
  • Once the match starts, substitutes could not replace any player anymore.
  • The player is only allowed to have one active account for the tournament
  • Cheats are prohibited for everyone except for the casters.

Inability to follow the minor rules exceeding 2 warnings could lead to the player not able to play for 2 games which puts their sub as a replacement.
Inability to follow the major rules exceeding 1 warning will be disqualified to the tournament.


  • Join QVC Discord server to attend the tournament matches.
  • Only players having a match are allowed to join the tournament voice rooms
  • Maximum of 5 players in each room.
  • Team captains should screenshot the results after the match and post it to #match-results (In case of any technicalities, report to the #technical-report)
  • Match information will be written on the #match-information + Massage on the captains group on WhatsApp
  • Captain of each team will have access to (QVC WhatsApp Group) for better communication with teams in case of any updates or changes.