Geekdom 3000 - Pokemon GO

Geekdom 3000 - Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO

  • playersPlayers: 32
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar22, February 2024 - 23, February 2024
  • pinOnline
29, January 2024 - 21, February 2024
28 / 32 Registration Closed

This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Niantic Inc., The Pokemon Company, or Gamefreak Inc.

Participants must physically attend the tournanment in Doha, Qatar

Venue entrance fee is 20 QAR and will be paid in cash or card

You wanna be the very best? Like no one ever was? Ok, then join us for an epic Pokémon GO tournament at Geekdom! Trainers, get ready to embark on a journey to catch ’em all, battle other trainers, and prove you’re the ultimate Pokémon Master. With exciting prizes, thrilling battles, and a chance to connect with fellow trainers, this tournament is a must-attend event for Pokémon enthusiasts. Mark your calendars, and let the adventure begin!

هل تريد أن تصبح أمهر مدرب بوكمون؟ إنضم لهذه البطولة وإنطلق في رحلة لإمساك بجميع البوكيمونات وخوض المعارك مع المدربين الآخرين والتواصل معهم عبر بطولة لا يجب أن يفوقها عشاق البوكمون. اجمعها كلها وإنطلق في أروع المغامرات!

Tournament Dates & Time:

  • Day 1 - 22 - Feb-24 @ 5:00 PM
  • Day 2 - 23 - Feb-24 @ 5:00 PM

Tournament Location

      Geekdom Building at Lusail Boulevard, The Forgotten Planet: Gamers' Arena


  • 5000 QAR


  • 2500 QAR


  • 1500 QAR



Tournament Rules are subject to change based on Tournament Situation

For questions, concerns, or to edit your registration, reach out to us on our email ( or DM our instagram page.

Bracket Format: Double Elimination - Best of 3

Battle Team Setup:

A player’s team must consist of up to 6 Pokémon. This team, including all moves and CP, must remain unchanged for the duration of the tournament. Players then choose any 3 of these Pokémon to bring to battle. The player may change this chosen combination at the beginning of each new game.
Players must indicate which Pokémon are in their team by assigning each one a unique label. None of the player’s other Pokémon may have the same label. Pokémon GO tournaments use Great League format battles.

Pokémon must therefore meet the CP requirements for the Great League (1,500 CP or less) to be legal for play.

Allowable Pokemon:

Most Pokémon available in-game are legal for play with only a few exceptions.

The following Pokémon cannot be included on a player’s team:
• Ditto
• Shedinja

The following Pokémon are also not permitted for play:
• Galarian Articuno
• Galarian Zapdos
• Galarian Moltres
• Skiddo
• Gogoat

Changes to the legality of any Pokémon will be communicated through official channels in advance of any tournament. It is a player’s responsibility to confirm the legality of their chosen Pokémon ahead of each tournament. The most up-to-date place to find legality updates and changes is the Banned Pokemon List.

New Pokémon and new moves become legal for play 24 continuous hours after their time of release. A player may include newly released Pokémon or moves on their team so long as this 24-hour period ends before team registration closes for any given tournament.


The following additional restrictions apply to a player’s team:
• A player’s team cannot contain two Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number.
• A player may not use a Pokémon that is currently Mega Evolved or has Primal Reversion activated.
• A player’s team may contain no more than one Pokémon benefitting from a Best Buddy CP boost.
          o Which Pokémon on the team benefits from the Best Buddy CP boost must remain unchanged throughout the tournament.
          o There is no limit to the number of Best Buddy ribbons that may appear in a player’s team.

Team Preview:

Players are permitted to view their opponent’s team list before a match begins.
The maximum time permitted for Team Preview is 2 minutes.

Beginning the Game:

Once they are ready to begin, players must use one of the following methods to initiate play:
• One player may scan the QR Battle Code of their opponent. This feature is accessible from the Nearby Battle section of the Battle menu.
• Players may add one another to their Friends List so one player may issue a Battle Request to their opponent from their Friends List profile.

Players are permitted to use either method, and they may vary the method used to connect for each new game.

Game Resolution:

A player wins each game by knocking out their opponent’s final Pokémon.
The winner should be clearly indicated by an in-game graphic at the end of each game. However, if this graphic is not viewable for any reason, the winner may be confirmed by viewing either player’s in-game Journal.
If neither player can agree on the result of a game and the result cannot be verified by viewing a player’s Journal, this game will be considered void by a judge, and a new game must be played.