AAMeghessib’s Back-2-Back Q1

AAMeghessib’s Back-2-Back Q1

Fifa 23

Playstation 5
  • playersPlayers: 75
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar18, August 2023 - 18, August 2023
  • pinOffline
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This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors

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AAMeghessib's Back-2-Back is a unique eSport platform for FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5 in Qatar – It was born from players and for players. The format is to create a 2- player team and compete in offline qualifiers leading to the national final. The sportive angle is that teams need to score 2 consecutive goals to win in 11v11 Kick Off Mode. Further format details will follow below.

Why it’s different?

The 2 players versus 2 players format in 11v11 mode changes the whole game dynamics as well as supports the players to play with their favorite teammates using strategy, communication & skills. Teams are now focused on how well they can coordinate with their teammate to score two consecutive goals.


  • Qualifier 1 & 2: Chevrolet Showroom - Jaidah Automotive 18th & 19th August
  • Qualifier 3 & 4: Store 974 - Place Vendome 25th & 26th August
  • Qualifier 5 & 6: Novo Cinemas – Mall of Qatar 1st & 2nd September
  • Qualifier 7 & 8: Virtuocity Qatar, Gaming Theme Park – Doha Festival City 8th & 9th September
  • National Final: Geekdom – Lusail Boulevard 15th September


First Place:

  • 20,000 Qatari Riyals
  • 5,000 QAR Epic Gamers Voucher (2,500 per team member) provided by Store974
  • 2 Chevy Trucks Xpression Gaming Chairs provided by Al Jaidah Automotive

Second Place:

  • 15,000 Qatari Riyals

Third Place:

  • 7,500 Qatari Riyals

Top 8 teams:

  • Oakley NXTLVL Gaming Eye wear with Prizm Gaming 2.0 Lenses



  • All matches must be played with 2 participants per team.
  • All matches will be played in 11v11 Kickoff Mode.
  • All matches will be played in Red Bull Arena Leipzig stadium
  • All matches will be 8 mins in total length (max).
  • To win a single match, a team must score 2 consecutive goals without interruption. When this happens, the match ends instantly before time is up.
  • To win a single match, a team should have the highest score when time limit of 8 mins is up. (in case of no consecutive goals).
  • In the case of a draw at the end of a single match, a team should score a golden goal to win (no draws)
  • In case of a draw after the golden goal extension, then teams go for penalties.
  • During the penalty shootouts, each team member shoots & saves consecutively.
  • A winning team is determined by a best-of-3-matches.



  • Qualifiers will be played in knock-out format.
  • To proceed to the next round, a team needs to win the round. 1 round = best-of-3-matches versus an opposing team.
  • 1 Team will qualify to the National Finals from each qualifier; 8 teams in total.



  • Game Tactics: Custom tactics allowed
  • Formations: In-house Default formation (no player dragging allowed)
  • Camera Settings: Tele Broadcast
  • Half Length: 4 minutes
  • Time/Score display: On
  • HUD: Player Name Bar
  • Player Indicator Size: Default
  • Player Indicator Fade: On
  • Attributes: Default
  • Score Clock Dropdown: On
  • Match Conditions: summer
  • Time of Day: 8 PM
  • Day: Clear
  • FIFA Trainer: Off
  • Game Speed: Fast
  • Game Difficulty: Legendary


Rules of Tournament:

  • All participating teams must have a valid Qatar residency. Qatar ID’s will be checked on site.
  • All participants must be a minimum age of 16 years old at the time of registration
  • This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors
  • Teams are not allowed to end a match or restart with different teams.
  • Restart match will be the option used to play the next match in the best of three.
  • Participants may choose their preferred controls; Manual, Semi or Assisted before the match starts.
  • Participants may choose Tactical defending mode or Legacy defending mode before the match starts.
  • Controllers are provided by the Organizer. However participants are allowed to bring their own.
  • If a controller is defective, the participant can pause the game and notify the tournament referee. Once the participant agrees that the problem has been rectified, they are NOT allowed to pause the game a second time.
  • The tournament referee will determine the final decision regarding the controller’s status. If a participant chooses to play with a defective controller, all end results are valid and final. Disputes will not be entertained.
  • No memory cards or saved games are permitted throughout the tournament.
  • Open teams will be allowed for the tournament. Excluding legendary teams.
  • Both teams of participants may select the same club/country/team.
  • Teams are allowed to select preset formations before the match begins.
  • Tactic selection is allowed throughout the whole match.
  • Once the match has started, teams cannot pause the game except in the case of an emergency or a defective controller.


Other Tournament Rules:

  • Registered teams always need to be present at the tournament area. Teams will be disqualified if they do not show up after their team names have been announced for a maximum of 3 times.
  • Teams will be shown to their designated station and should immediately set-up their game and begin play. Each team will have 2 minutes to configure controls, line-ups and settings in accordance with the rules as described under ‘Rules of Tournament’. Custom packages may not be used, nor anything else that is not available in the in-game pause menu.
  • Tournament referees will be on site to monitor all game play. They will signal participants to begin play and will record scores for each match. They can be identified by a special ID tag.
  • Teams shall be responsible for keeping track of their respective game situation, so that if a match is interrupted, the situation can be restored. Tournament referees will also be monitoring the match situation as closely as possible.
  • No replays or game interruptions, except for designated pauses to report scores (if any), will be allowed.
  • No coaching allowed (for example, people in the audience may not advise a participant while playing).
  • In the case of any kind of unforeseen circumstances like disconnection, disc error or electricity failure; the scores will remain the same from the point of disconnection, and participants may resume gameplay for the remaining part of the game once rectified. The final decision will be the referees’.
  • Teams CANNOT pause the match unless the gameplay is stopped (i.e. If it’s a free kick or the ball is in their own keeper’s possession) or if there’s a fault with the controller (see ‘Rules of Tournament’). If teams are found to have paused the game intentionally, they may be given a warning or disqualified, at the tournament referee’s discretion. Second warnings will result in automatic disqualification. Teams will have a 30-second grace period after the pause.
  • Each team is allowed two pauses. One Pause per Half.
  • Any participant/team who deliberately attempts to sabotage or damage the equipment to restart matches will be banned from the tournament, effective immediately.
  • Any participant/team who attempts to disrupt matches with verbal or physical abuse to the tournament referee/admin or opponent will be disqualified from the tournament and may be removed from the venue.
  • Any participant/team’s refusal to play a match or presenting any disruptive behavior with intent to delay the tournament will result in forfeit of the match, regardless of their tournament standings.
  • All participants must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, members of the press, tournament officials, and to other participants. Participants will refrain from using any vulgar or offensive language.
  • Abusive behavior, including harassment and threats, physical abuse, fighting or any threatening action or threatening language; directed at any participant, spectator, official or any other person is prohibited.
  • Abuse to game stations, controllers or any tournament equipment is prohibited.
  • Any action that interferes with play of a game, including but not limited to purposeful destruction of game station, interfering with power sources, and abuse of in-game pausing, is prohibited.
  • Gambling, including betting on the outcome of games, is prohibited.
  • The tournament rules are subject to change upon short notice.
  • In case of any dispute, the tournament referee/organizer’s decision is final. No further disputes will be entertained.
  • The organizer will not be responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused from participation in this tournament.
  • By participating, participants/teams are agreeing to the all the above rules of the tournament.