QVC Weekly Tournaments Season 2 – Week 1

QVC Weekly Tournaments Season 2 – Week 1


  • playersPlayers: 16
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar01, August 2023 - 05, August 2023
  • pinOnline
24, July 2023 - 31, July 2023
14 / 16 Registration Closed

We are proud to announce that Season 2 of QVC Weekly Tournament is here! 4 Weeks full of intense moments & competition environments. Compete to secure the title of the champion of Season 2 alongside with the prizes.

Season 2 will be available to Qatar residence players for now. Season 2 period will be from 1 AUG 2023 till 31 AUG 2023. Teams size will be out of 5 main players & 1 sub player. Teams can only make changes in their team during the opening of the next week registration period. Games will be streamed on our YouTube Channel (Click here) Subscribe to never miss your Ultimate Power!

What’s new in QVC Season 2?

-          New Theme for QVC brand!

-          3/4 place & Grand finals will be hosted Lan at GeekStreet.

-          Upgrading the system from the previous tournaments & considering the community feedback.

-          Few things are Surprise!

Stay Tuned - #QatarValorant


Prize Pool = 3000 QAR to be given at the end of season 2


All players must understand the rules book to avoid mistakes or future disqualification


Tournament Rules:

Game:            Valorant

Team Size:     5 Main + 1 Sub

Maps:                 All

Teams:                16

Team must be in Qatar to be able to participate in QVC Tournaments


First Qualification – Quarter finals – SEMI Finals – 3/4 place will be B01

Grand Finals will be B03

Scoring per Game:

                1 WIN = 10 point’s

                1 Lose = 5 point’s


Days of Week 1

            (Online) Day 1 – 1/8/2023 (Tuesday) – First Qualification for group A & B

(Online) Day 2 – 2/8/2023 (Wednesday) – Quarter finals & SEMI Finals for group A & B

(Lan) Day 3 – 5/8/2023 (Saturday) – 3/4 place & Grand Finals at Store974 - Geek Street

            (Any updates regarding the time & dates will be announced by the organizers)


Minor Rules:
- No Trashtalking, Insulting, Harassing, and more

- 2 Timeouts with 1 min for each team
- Pause is needed only for technical/network issues
- Team captains should take a screenshot of the results after their match and post it on the discord channel for proof.
- Join QVC Discord server, Players during the match should be able to join the server 10-30 mins before the match

Major Rules:
- No Cheating or using a different person on the same registered account
- No outsource information during the match or stream sniping
- Once the match starts, substitutes could not replace any player anymore.
- The player is only allowed to have one active account for the tournament
- Cheats are prohibited for everyone except for the casters.

Unable to follow the minor rules exceeding 2 warnings could lead to the player not able to play for 2 games which puts their sub as a replacement.
Unable to follow the major rules exceeding 1 warning will be disqualified to the tournament.

Join QVC Discord server to attend the tournament match’s. Only players having a match are allowed
Maximum of 5 players in each room.
Team captains should screenshot the results after the match and post it to #match-results
(In case of any technicalities, report to the #technical-report)
Match information will be written on the #match-information + Massage on the captains group on WhatsApp

Captain of each team will have access to (QVC WhatsApp Group) for better communication with teams in case of any updates or changes.

Please show sportsmanship during and after the game
Good luck, Have Fun – #QatarValorant