Omnys Cup - Valorant Tournament Q1

Omnys Cup - Valorant Tournament Q1


  • playersTeams: 32
  • FeeFee: Free
  • calendar18, November 2022 - 18, November 2022
  • pinOnline
05, November 2022 - 18, November 2022
31 / 32 Registration Closed

One More Esports is glad to present you Omnys Cup - Valorant Tournament, a new series of tournament in partnership with Showdown. Join us and compete to win 300$, watch and win giveaways!

Tournament Start Time: 08:00 PM (GMT + 2)

Check-in Time: 07:00PM (GMT + 2)


  • 150 USD

  • 100 USD

  • 50 USD


The tournament will consist of two qualifying tournaments to be able to play in the playoffs, you must be among the first 8 teams in one of the qualifying tournaments in order to be qualified.

Best of 1 Map: Ascent

Server: Paris 2

Game Mode: 5v5

Tournament mode: on / no spectators except the admins

Coach: not allowed

1- All players must provide correct login data to avoid problems

2- Please avoid changing the name in the Discord or the game for ease of communication

3- Please send a picture of the result of the match in our discord

4- All players must prepare for the match, no more than 10 minutes delay is allowed

5- When any player is discovered cheating in the game, they will be excluded from the tournament and from participating in any upcoming tournament for us

6- It is strictly forbidden to insult anyone participating in the tournament, and if this happens, it will lead to your exclusion

7- In the event that the result of the match is delayed by half an hour since the start of play, both players will be counted as losers. 8- By entering the tournament, you agree to be subject to the rules and laws of the tournament.

9- You must be on our Discord to secure the prize! If you are not on Discord during the tournament period, your score will not be counted

10- Disputes will be settled by the TO and TO's decision is final. Please make sure you verify your results to the TOs always to avoid disputes.

11- In the case of a disconnection of a player (single or multiple) or a server-side crash, the TO will make the decision on how to proceed.


Winners will receive their prizes via bank transfer. If bank transfer option is not available, an alternative method of payout will be determined.